We power banks & lending institutions to transform into
digital lenders at scale

RupeePower is a comprehensive digital-first product suite that enables banks & lending companies to transform themselves into state-of-the-art digital lending enterprises at scale. RupeePower provides lenders with flexibility & scale to manage in real-time their credit decisioning criteria, sourcing channels, customer onboarding journey, underwriting workflows and digital partner ecosystem - across the whole range of SME/ retail credit.

The product suite enables seamless online & offline origination with its acquisition platform, Loan CRM & Loan Origination System. Smart AI/ML-powered tools like KYC Box, Address Match & decisioning based on non-traditional sources of data enable paperless loan origination within a robust credit assessment framework. RupeePower has consistently demonstrated a multifold increase in origination throughput for banks & lending companies while preserving portfolio quality. The platform has enabled these lenders to disburse over USD 4 billion in retail and SME credit to roughly 2 million customers over the last four years.

The Product Suite

  • Omni-Channel Acquisition System

    Omni-Channel Acquisition System to enable seamless customer acquisition across a range of channels including call centers, web, mobile and loan marketplaces ensuring minimum drop-offs.

  • Loan CRM

    Loan CRM to create and manage digital campaigns as well as to measure throughput and channel yields.

  • Lending API Stack

    Lending API Stack to integrate with third party fintechs, marketplaces and digital connectors to widen the sourcing base.

  • Credit Decision Engine

    Credit Decision Engine to harness more than 10,000 data points to assess creditworthiness in real time.

  • Underwriting Platform

    Integrated credit analysis platform facilitates underwriting leaving minimum paper trail and achieving exponential reduction in manual error.

  • Verification Management System

    Verification Management System to execute all relevant verifications through the platform with automated allocation to internal and external agents.

  • Master Management System

    Master Management System to efficiently manage all master-driven data on an IT-agnostic basis. In-built features like Maker-Checker and Bulk Upload make its maintenance hassle-free.


  • KYC Box

    AI-ML driven smart box parses all KYC documents through easy APIs.

  • Aadhaar API Stack

    e-KYC API stack powers faster KYC of customers significantly improving volumes on both biometric and OTP modes.

  • Bank Statement Parser

    Our bank statement parser available to the lenders via APIs offers them an easy way of integrating additional near-real time data points from a bank statement into credit score engine.

  • Address Match

    Our address match tool compares the address provided by the borrower against publicly accessible data repositories to verify addresses and economize on CAC.

If you want to know more about how RupeePower can help enhance your organization's lending throughput, do write in to product@rupeepower.com and we will be in touch.