28 Feb 2014

Rupeepower Editorial Team

How to Apply for a Personal Loan with RupeePower?

RupeePower personal loan application process is easy and fast.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan with RupeePower?

Step 1: Get Informed

Before you do anything, read about personal loans. We have a lot of informative & quality content to help you. You should understand the concept of personal loans before committing to EMIs. Here are a few articles you should read before you get a personal loan:

  1. How to Choose My Personal Loan Tenure?
  2. How are Interest Rates on Personal Loan Calculated?
  3. Personal Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2: Get Your Personal Loan Quotes

Go to RupeePower’s Powerful Compare Personal Loan Quotes Engine. Enter your basic information and see custom personal loan quotes. We offer personal loan quotes from over ten banks and non-banking financial institutions. You might see fewer quotes as you might not be eligible for some banks/NBFCs.

Step 3: Compare Personal Loan Quotes

Comparing personal loan quotes is very important. Personal loan interest rates vary a lot unlike home loans. These depend on your risk criteria which vary with banks. So, you should borrow money from a bank which considers you the least risky. In other words, borrow money from a bank providing a personal loan quote with the lowest interest rates.

Step 4(a): Apply to the Bank Offering the Lowest Personal Loan Quote.

Completing your application could not be easier. Fill the last page of the application with only your address. What about the other ten thousand details which need to be included in the the bank application? Do not worry about it. Once we collect your documents, a specialist will extract all relevant information from your documents and complete the forms for you.

Step 4(b): Applying to a Bank Offering Online Approval.

We currently offer instant online approvals from Standard Chartered Bank. Provide a few extra details and you can get an instant decision on your loan in seconds. Finding out your loan approval could not be easier. If you do not get an approval, you can apply for all the other banks we offer. Getting an instant approval increases the speed of your application.

Step 5: Confirm Your Details.

After completing your application, a RupeePower Expert will get in touch with you shortly. After confirming your details, they will assist you in preparing the right documents.

Step 6: Hand Over Your Documents.

A RupeePower Support Team Executive will pick up the documents from you at the scheduled time. Our team will then take care of everything. Your completed application will be submitted to the bank.

Step 7: Keeping you in the Loop & Success.

Once your application is submitted to the bank, a lot of effort in spent in speeding up the process. We continuously communicate with the bank regarding the status of your application. We make sure to keep you in the loop.

Step 8: Disbursal.

Once your loan gets approved, we complete all the formalities. Then we get you the check! What about fees? Don’t worry, we got you. Just remember to holla at us on our Facebook Page. After that we are even.

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