02 Mar 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

Personal Loan Banks

Large Network of Banks & NBFC’s for Personal Loans

RupeePower has a large of network of personal loan providers including multiple banks and NBFCs. We always stress on how banks perceive the same customer very differently. This means that every bank assesses lending worthiness of a customer differently. It is essential to have a large network of banks to ensure high success rates. We perceive ourselves to be a customer-centric bank which means our loyalty lies with the customer and not any bank.

RupeePower Matches Best

It is no secret that RupeePower matches best in the industry. This means lower rejection rates on your personal loan application as our complex algorithms ensure best matches of customers with banks. Further, RupeePower’s large network ensures that you do not miss on low interest rate deals.

RupeePower’s Spectacular Customer Service

You want a personal loan because it is easy and fast. In reality, getting a personal loan can be slow and difficult. After years of experience, we realized that it does not have to be so. RupeePower’s impeccable service goes beyond providing you information. RupeePower’s feet on street service ensures that you are kept up to date on your personal loan application. Further, you don’t have to be bothered by demotivated, slow, and at times pesky document pick up executives from banks. RupeePower’s army of experts are spread over the country to make sure you get the best customer experience.

Personal Loan Banks & NBFCs

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