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11 Jan 2016

Pratik Bhartia

Are you getting skimmed?

While credit cards offer great convenience, they also come with the risk of fraud. Credit card skimming is becoming a very common phenomenon, and the scammers are getting more and more innovative in ways they cheat you. With the advent of more secure chip based cards and two-factor authentication, the use to credit cards has […]

01 Jan 2016

Pratik Bhartia

Contactless Credit Card

Credit cards have been around for a long time and have evolved from being a magnetic strip based card to chip based credit card. While the chip cards are more secure, both these types of card still requires the customer to insert or swipe the card on the electronic data capture (EDC) machine at the […]

07 Dec 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

What is fuel surcharge and how to get it waived off ?

With the wide acceptance of credit cards at almost all merchants, A lot of people today carry very less cash in their pockets. This provides convenience to you as there is no need not worry about carrying adequate cash for payments. What you may not know is that for providing you with this ease the […]

04 Dec 2015

Pratik Bhartia

Preventing credit card fraud

With the ever increasing use of credit cards in your lives, the importance of keeping your credit card is higher than ever. There are fraudsters waiting for that one moment when you will slip and they will be able to dupe you of your hard earned money. Some pointers that you should always keep in […]

30 Nov 2015

Pratik Bhartia

Five factors that impact your credit score

Credit score plays one of the most important roles in the banks decision to approve or reject your credit card or loan application. Below are the top 5 factors that impact your credit score and how you can manage them to ensure you have a healthy credit history. Repayment history of existing loans How regularly […]

25 Nov 2015

Pratik Bhartia

What is a credit score?

Every time you enquire about taking a credit card, personal loan, home loan or any other financial asset product, you will hear about credit score (or CIBIL as its popularly called in India). So what is this credit score and what part does it play in helping the banks make a decision on your loan […]

23 Nov 2015

Pratik Bhartia

All about add–on credit cards

You enjoy the convenience of your credit card and love the rewards that they help you earn. How about providing the same to your loved ones? Add – on cards are the easiest way to get them to enjoy the same credit privileges as you do without the hassle of applying for a new credit […]

18 Nov 2015

Pratik Bhartia

Free credit period on your credit card

One of the big advantages that you have when spending on a credit card is the free credit period offered by the banks. It essentially is a buy now pay later scheme with no cost attached. The free credit period can vary from anywhere between 15 – 50 days depending on the date of purchase […]

16 Nov 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

Managing your credit card payments

Credit cards have become a part of our daily lives. Most of us own multiple credit cards as these offer various benefits and helps us get that best deal or discounts. While they allow us to save money while we spend, it also comes with the added responsibilty of managing their spends & payments, to […]

06 Nov 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

Selecting the right credit card

Credit card is a twin edged sword. On one hand it makes life simpler by doing away with cash and providing rewards for spends, on the other, it can result in a debt trap if not used well. Deciding to apply for a credit card is a big decision in itself. OK, so you have […]

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