16 Nov 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

Managing your credit card payments

Credit cards have become a part of our daily lives. Most of us own multiple credit cards as these offer various benefits and helps us get that best deal or discounts. While they allow us to save money while we spend, it also comes with the added responsibilty of managing their spends & payments, to avoid charges and interest. All these cards card unique billing cycles which makes tracking payment dates and due amount all the more difficult. But worry not, as there are an array of tools available to help you:

Set up an auto payment with your bank: The easiest way to manage your cards is to set up an auto payment instruction with your bank. Your credit card bills will automatically be debited from your account on the due date. The flip side is that if you have a dispute of any spend, you will have to ask for a refund from the bank.

Use SMS & Email alerts: Almost all banks today send transaction alerts to customer for every transaction done on their card. Along with that, there are reminders for the bill amount and due date. Pay heed to the SMSes and make the payment on getting the due date reminder.

Online & Mobile banking: With the evolution of the internet, its easy to keep track of your cards on the go. Use the online platform of your banks to track spends and pay your cards bills.

Third party apps: There are also a large no of apps available which can read your SMSes to intelligently track spends behaviour, give reminders for bill payments and even initiate the payment using yout mobile banking credentials. If managing your card on your own is a challenge, use the power of your smart phone and apps.

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