16 Nov 2015

Rupeepower Editorial Team

Getting that used two – wheeler

Having a personal means of transport is always great. It provides you the flexibility to travel anywhere, anytime at your will. But with our cities getting more congested by the day, its quiet a harrowing experience to be driving around in a car. For this reason, two wheelers are at times the quicket way to get around, especially for short errands.

While two wheelers is the largest automobile segment in the country, the used two wheeler market is largely unorganized. The small ticket sizes involved with used two wheelers make it unattractive to dealers as well as financiers. However, for somone whos on a tight budget or wants to own a two wheelers only for occasional use, used two wheelers are a great option. Do keep in mind some of the important aspects of buying a used bike:

Well Inspected/Certified: Ensure that the vehicle you are buying is well inspected by a mechanic for any flaws. Even better, buy from a place which has its own system of certifying and rating the bikes. This can save you major repair expenses.

Documentation: The vechile should have clean papers and be free for any accidents. It pays to have a service track records of the bike at authorized service centers. Get the documents of the bike transferred to your name without fail.

After sales service/Warranty: Look out for sellers who are willing to provide a warranty on the bike. It’s a good sign that the vechile has been carefully inspected and you can be assured of a trouble free service. It is also prudent to pay a little extra for the peace of mind.

The best part is that now its also easy to apply for a loan for used two wheelers, online on RupeePower, just like for other loan products. So go ahead, indulge yourself, and get that pair of wheels you have always wanted.

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