20 Dec 2015

Pratik Bhartia

How to get the best Two Wheeler loan?

Everyone wants to get the best available deal available. When it comes to loans, its is no different. You want to get the best deal our there with the lowest interest rate offering. There are multiple factors which play a role in determining the loan amount and interest rate that you are offered. Some of these like CIBIL score is something that you cannot change overnight. However, below are some of the tips you can use to procure the best deal:

Shop around: There are multiple banks and NBFCs who will be offering two wheeler loans in the market. It is in your best interest to enquire about your options with atleast 3 of them to know whats available. Its possible that bank A is offering you the loan at 15%, whereas bank B can offer a 14% rate. You can do this comparison easily on RupeePower, without having to go to each bank.

Provide correct details: To be able to show you the best rates, you will need to provide some basic details. Ensure you fill these details truthfully as these will be verified before the final disbursal of the loan. You might be able to see a lower rate by playing around with the initial data, but your loan will get rejected at a later stage

Read lender reviews: Today people write reviews about the service experience they have had at every interaction. Spend some time to read up reviews on the lenders available. It will help you guaze if a particular lender is known to be offering the best deals in the market or is generally conceived to be expensive.

Do not shop for loan at the dealer: Most dealers have tie ups with preferred banks through whom they help arrange loans for the customers buying the bike with them. In most scenarios, the loan that you will get at the dealer may not be the best deal as there is a monopoly of one bank. Its always a good practice to ensure atleast 3 lenders are making a pitch to get you as a customer.

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